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Try Rolling; a site dedicated to bringing the world the latest news, reviews, gaming tips, and more.

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What we are

What we want to accomplish here at Try Rolling is to bring you quality, honest content – for gamers, by gamers (who clearly like Dark Souls a bit too much). We intend to be a genuine and unassuming source of what you need to know in the gaming world.

There has been a slew of false advertisement lately in the gaming industry, and we intend to help get you to the bottom of it, by providing unbiased content on the state of a game. The hype train shall be examined, taken apart, thoroughly inspected, and put back together again. May No Man’s Sky rest in peace. That is our aim at Try Rolling.

Whether it’s the latest news, a review of a game you’re looking at playing, podcasts on whatever is happening on or off the site, or good old opinions, we’ve got you covered.

No Mans Sky - Gremlin
“What do you mean I have low User Ratings?”

Our content list

We intend to cover:

  • Up to date and honest news on the state and likely outcome of games in development.
  • Highlights on new Indie games with potential.
  • A chill but informative ‘weekly’ Podcast.
  • Reviews on whether a game meets what the developer promises.

So subscribe if you’re feeling kind, and don’t forget to come back to the site to see what’s happening and how we’re growing from here. You can also find us on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube!

And last, but not least…
Keep Rolling!

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