About Us

What we do here

Our aim is to provide you with a reliable source on what’s going on with your favourite games. That is Try Rolling.

We will review games on whether they deliver what the developer promises, for you to decide if it’s worth a purchase, after all, only you know what you really like. We want to give you the best tools to do that.

  • Is it like the developers say it is?
  • Is the game good?
  • What are the upcoming titles people like me will like?

These questions we seek to answer and more.

Aims and Milestones

  • Up to date and honest news on the state and likely outcome of games in development.
  • Highlights on new indie games with potential.
  • A chill but informative podcast.
  • Reviews on whether a game meets what the developer promises.

How was the site made?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Take a seat, and let me tell you a tale.

James, one of our founders, was feeling mighty perturbed. The main site he had chosen to write for had done some rather silly things, rather silly things indeed. In fact, if you search for the site, a little ‘domain for sale’ icon will pop up and tell you exactly how it ended up in one fell swoop. Miffed and jolly well done with such bumbling occurrences, James asked an old friend Joseph if he was interested in starting a long lost dream. A gaming website. Reviews, guides, news, a podcast, the whole shebang, and so it was begun.