The Rollcast Episode 6 – A Roundup of 2017!

The Rollcast Episode 6 is now up! Tune in to find out what happens! Also available on our YouTube channel.

This week the gang are joined by Tom, who sheds light on Fortnite and other things. Scott “Indie Man” Zeall tells us what Xbox games he’s excited for. Joe plays another RTS game, and James shares his thoughts on Shadow of War, as TryRolling look back on the year of the loot box and look forward to 2018.

In the Rollcast:

  • What games we have been playing
  • What we are most looking forward to in 2018!
  • Upcoming reviews and previews

Warning! May contain spoilers for PUBG, Fortnite, Shadow of War, COD WW2, They are Billions, Wolfenstein 2 & Tenchu.

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