Red Dead Redemption 2: Gameplay Reveal This Week?

We know Rockstar Games well, not personally here at Try Rolling, but gamers in general usually know what to expect when Rockstar emerge from the shadows with promises of news relating to some of the biggest games ever made. In recent years we have had to make do with coy screenshot teases, leaked maps, and murmurings from a friend of a friend of a friend who worked at Rockstar and swears blind that a game is coming. Red Dead Redemption 2 is no doubt on a large majority of your Amazon wish lists, and though we are still left with a vague ‘2018’ release window, this Thursday could give us a gameplay reveal trailer, and a release date to boot.

Originally saddled up for an Autumn 2017 release, the stunning trailer we were given demanded our full attention, and our pre-order money too. However, an unfortunate delay and an apologetic Rockstar announcement pushed it back until next year, with no specific date given. We were given some immensely detailed screenshots to tide us over, but we are definitely ready for more. As you will have noticed at the top of the article, Thursday the 28th of September will be the next opportunity for Rockstar to show us what they have been working on for almost 6 years now. With release just around the corner, anything other than a gameplay video accompanied by a release date would be a huge shock, though Rockstar do love shocks.

For now though, all we can do it wait, and feel free to check back on our site on Thursday.

What do you think will be revealed on Thursday? Will we get a release date? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out our other articles and reviews.

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