The Game Awards

The Game Awards: Metro Exodus to showcase new footage

The Game Awards, hosted this year at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, is set to not only praise developers and the like for their contributions to the industry, but will also be showcasing new footage from upcoming releases.

The Game Awards

One of these releases, Metro Exodus, is scheduled to be making an appearance at the show, as host Geoff Keighley said on Twitter that players will get a “brand new look” at the game.

The game is set to incorporate classic linear gameplay that fans expect to see, with a more open-world experience, as Metro Exodus goes above ground.

Executive producer Jon Bloch shared his take on the game in an interview earlier this year:

“It’s a combination of the classic Metro gameplay that everyone is used to from previous games where it’s that linear style of gameplay. The level that we show in the trailer is later in the game and is one of our non-linear levels.

We’re not entirely open-world, then, it’s more sandbox survival and everything is tied together with an overarching storyline that still carries the player through. They still feel like they’re playing a Metro game.”

Metro Exodus is still due a release date, and this could come at The Game Awards, however fans will have to wait and see during the event tonight, 5:30pm PST.

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