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E3 2017: A Way Out revealed by EA

EA is bringing back couch co-op… with a twist

Remember the game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons? It was the one that brought adults around the world to tears, remember? Well even if you don’t, let us bring you up to speed with why A Way Out is something to get excited for.

Josef Fares, the writer and director behind Brothers, is back with a newly formed Swedish studio named Hazelight, and E3 2017 has given us the first look at their new game.

A Way Out is bringing couch co-op back, playing as Vincent or Leo, you and a partner control each character individually whilst attempting to break out of prison. A Way Out looks set to continue its story beyond the prison walls too, continuing the split screen adventure into wilderness, towns, and more.

The twist with A Way Out is that whether you are playing local or online co-op, both players will see both sides of the screen at all times, even if one of you is in a cutscene.

The ‘always on’ split screen will certainly provide a unique experience.

It is hard to pin point exactly the type of game this is, with some areas seemingly requiring an agent 47-esc approach to sneak out, while at other times the game looks like it will play out in quick time events, with dialogue options to choose. The easiest way to grasp what this game is about is to watch the trailer above, and let us know your thoughts.

A Way Out is set to launch in Spring of 2018, so pencil that into your calendars, and don’t tell the cops.

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