Demon's Souls

Demon’s Souls servers set to shut down in 2018

The online servers for From Software’s cult classic Demon’s Souls are set to shut down after 9 years.

The game, like the other titles in the Souls series, allows players to co-op and invade other players. This function will be unavailable as of February 28th when the online servers are turned off, making connecting impossible. Offline PvE play will still be available however.

Dark Souls’ Facebook page posted:

“After 9 years of reoccurring deaths and frustrations, but just as many triumphs of dedication, Demon’s Souls online servers will terminate on February 28, 2018. Play online one last time, and share with us your best Demon’s Souls moment!”

They went on to list the features that will be unavailable as of next year:

“Once the online services conclude, you will continue to play the game normally offline and the features below will become unavailable:
– Multiplayer (cooperative play, invading other worlds, challenge play)
– Hint messages
– Other players’ bloodstains
– Wandering apparitions
– Viewing rankings
Again, thank you to all players who have enjoyed Demon’s Souls over the years.”

A Bloodborne comic has also been revealed for February 2018, however, the developer behind the aforementioned games has gone quiet, building anticipation as to what their next project could be.

Did you play Demon’s Souls? Will you miss not being able to play online or are you looking forward to From Software’s next project? Let us know in the comments or over on Facebook & Twitter

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